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What is EIKOS?

EIKOS is a private psychiatric community residence in Boston, MA. We serve clients 25 years and older with diagnoses such as schizophrenia; schizo-affective, bipolar, or anxiety disorders; and major depression. In addition, we serve many other adults with varied psycho-social profiles who need a safe therapeutic transition to greater health and independence. The name "EIKOS" was derived from the Greek word OIKOS which means "home, household or extended family community". EIKOS Community Services has been developing as a psychiatric and social residential rehabilitation program since 1968, and has been licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health as a psychiatric community residence with staffed apartments since l986.

Over that period of time, we have evolved and changed, always expanding our vision. Our core philosophy is that everyone needs a place to feel safe and secure in a "true home". EIKOS has become a very special community where individuals with mental illness or other special psychological and social needs can find that home and feel the security to start over. At EIKOS, residents develop new friendships and experience the freedom to make fresh choices and decisions. They find a new social network of counselors and friends where caring relationships are built among EIKOS members. In this therapeutic environment EIKOS provides long term residential services (of at least three months to many years) for adults with social, psychological and adjustment problems who require a specialized supportive network to live well.

Where are We?

EIKOS is a psychiatric group home system located in a very attractive area of Boston, in the heart of one of Boston's most convenient and congenial neighborhoods. Our houses and apartments are in the Chestnut Hill Reservoir area of Boston, near the Newton and Brookline town lines. We chose these residential neighborhoods so that our houses are part of the community-- inconspicuous and non-institutional. The Boston area is rich in resources, with educational institutions, recreational facilities, stores, and opportunities for community involvement and employment all nearby. We are minutes away from both Boston College and Boston University. Downtown Boston or Cambridge is only a train ride away. All of our houses are located within walking distance to the MBTA trains and the local MBTA bus routes. And for individuals looking for time away from the hustle and bustle of the city we are also located close to many city parks and walking paths.

Boston is also a center of resources designed for individuals with psychiatric needs. There are numerous social clubs, vocational training and support programs, groups, and educational and treatment centers. There are also many excellent practitioners - therapists, psychiatrists, internists and other specialists -- located in the area, as well as many well-known and respected outpatient treatment programs. EIKOS has established excellent collaborative relationships with these programs and with the major Boston area hospitals including Beth Israel, St. Elizabeth Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital, McLean's Hospital etc. We also belong to the American Residential Treatment Association (www.ARTAUSA.org)

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