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EIKOS Admissions

If you are interested in applying to the EIKOS program:

  • Initial contact:

    Please call Barbara Deck, Ph.D., our Executive Director, at 617-965-0777 to discuss your interest in the program and your current situation. The prospective resident, a family member or a member of the individual's treatment team may initiate this call.
  • Intake interview:

    This in depth interview usually includes the prospective resident and his or her family or financial sponsor. Our Executive Director conducts this interview, in conjunction with our Program Director.
  • Financial information:

    Our regular fee -- which includes room, board and all of the services described on this web site -- is $12,000/month for the first two months, and $10,000/month for subsequent months. There is a three month minimum stay.
  • Initial Visit:

    After the Intake interview a tour of the program will be scheduled.

Criteria for Admission

  • The EIKOS program provides services for individuals 25 years and older, who are in need of psychiatric residential care.
  • The program was developed to provide residential care for individuals with mental illness and other specialized psychiatric needs. The program is of particular use to individuals who need more than outpatient psychotherapy but less than prolonged hospitalization.
  • Although some of our clients have some minor alcohol or drug abuse history, by and large we do not accept persons whose primary problem is drug or alcohol abuse, or who are actively suicidal or violent.
  • We have worked well with individuals with the following conditions:
    • Clients with major psychiatric illness
    • Clients with other long-term disabilities or special physical needs
    • Hard to place atypical clients
    • Clients who want the support of a community residence while using the educational,medical and social resources of the greater Boston community
    • Elderly clients with special needs

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