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EIKOS is a psychiatric community residence which provides an integrated array of services for people with mental illness who need a group home setting:


  • Two lovely large houses and several apartments near the Chestnut Hill Reservoir, in the Cleveland Circle and Coolidge Corner areas of Boston.
  • Singles or doubles with compatible housemates
  • Ability to accommodate both independent clients and those needing more staff and structure


  • Delicious, nutritious home cooked meals in the main house on Commonwealth Avenue -- breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack - available for residents of all houses
  • Assistance with special diets (for diabetes, cholesterol, weight control, etc.)
  • Alternative meal plan: shopping, cooking and eating independently with housemates

Internal Day Program

  • Welcoming, flexible, focused on inclusion, building warm relationships among residents and creating a climate of success
  • Includes daily morning meeting, morning groups, lunch, afternoon and early evening groups, weekend groups
  • Full participation in up to 25 groups/week, or pick and choose as many or as few groups as you wish
  • "Topic" groups such as arts, discussion, recovery, laundry, exercise, "Strategies for Success"
  • "Constituency" groups: women, men, young adults, mature adults, smoking cessation etc.
  • Weekly trips to movies, malls, swimming, museums, etc.

Medication Administration

Each resident has a personal psychiatrist outside of EIKOS who prescribes medication
  • Staff trained and certified by DPH/DDS/DMH Medication Administration Program
  • Department of Mental Health and Department of Public Health reviewed and licensed medication system for filling, storing, administering and tracking all medications
  • Ongoing consultation with prescribing physicians


Each EIKOS resident has at least one staff member who is his or her counselor or advisor and meets with him or her at least once a week, sometimes almost daily
  • All staff trained in supportive counseling with ongoing supervision
  • Ad hoc coaching and counseling available almost all the time

House Meetings, Community Meetings and Celebrations

  • House coordinator meets weekly with members of each household
  • Monday Community Meetings led by the Executive Director include all EIKOS residents from all houses followed by community dinner
  • Celebrations: Cookouts, special celebrations of Hanukkah, Christmas, Easter etc.

Treatment Planning

  • Program specific treatment plan for each resident
  • High degree of individualization for wide variety of needs, ages, abilities

Liaison Work:

  • Executive Director, Program Director and Chief Counselor act as bridges and sensitive liaisons
  • Liaison work includes family, therapists, doctors, special services, employers, legal system, schools etc.

Back on Track - 6 Month Program

We have recently added a new six month EIKOS program -- Back on Track -- designed for individuals when they need to take a break from school or work to do the exploration, growth and rebuilding they find necessary.
  • The program is designed to create success from the start by helping you break isolation; create new routines; and realistically re-evaluate your needs, hopes and goals. You will learn to experience life as a more confident individual, rebuilding your competence in social interaction.
  • In the first month we establish your internal and external team and get started; during months 2-4 we are all hard at work discovering new strengths and challenges while implementing your individual plan; the last six weeks are devoted to implementing strategies you can continue to use as you transition out of EIKOS.
  • Together we will address goal clarification and symptom management, building a network and a set of habits that you will take with you, medication stabilization and refinement, family involvement, socialization, nutrition, exercise, job or school readiness.
  • In six months you can see the results, feel the benefits, and get back on track. Let us know if this is of special interest!

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